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Birthdate:Feb 16
About me, myself and I: I'm a university student who flitters from fandom to fandom, will read anything if it's good enough, and is even willing to spend copious hours wading through canon in order to have good fic make sense (Smallville: I'm looking at you). If there's a fandom people think is under-represented in this journal, let me know and I'll see if I like it.

My job description is pretty much 'reading the crap so you don't have to'. It's my way of contributing to fandom because god knows I can't contribute through fic.

What you'll see here: The easy answer is: a lot of recommendations. What sort of recommendation is really up to my mood on any given day. It's important to note though, this journal is not for recommending the most recent or the longest. It's for reccing what I genuinely think is the best. Everything recced here is something I have loved, age plays no part.

[Also: this is not just a recs journal. There may be some mangled attempts at fic appearing. Or maybe not. You never know.]

Friends? Please, friend away.

Comments? Please, if you like something I've recommended tell the author (even if the fic is ten years old and beginning to pick up dust). Tell me too, but most importantly tell the author. Comments are love.

Also, I like talking to people and love to hear what other people like. If there's a fandom, or fic, or webpage or even a novel (really, anything goes!) that you think should be recced, let me know. Or, even if you just want someone to talk to, I don't bite and I'd love to hear from you.
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